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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I've got shingles and it hurts!!!

I've been on mc for nearly the entire week this week. :( I only went to work for one and a half days out of 5 days. I'm so sick! Not fever or flu or whatsoever but shingles!!!

I got it since last Thursday. I was having some rash on my left chest and my left neck. Not knowing what was it, I went to see doctor the next day. Then the doctor told me I had food allergy. She said: "It's DEFINITELY food allergy" I never had food allergy before in my entire life and it's very unlikely I will found that I am allergic to certain food at the age 25 right? Anyway, I finished the 3 days medicine and my rashes never got any better but went worse.

I went back to see her after that and so happen it was another doctor on duty on that day. Man... I was lucky it was not the first doctor on duty. The second doctor told me I had shingles! I was shocked coz I didn't know what shingles was at that time. She told me it's DEFINITELY not food allergy coz if it is, I would've developed rashes all over my body rather than everything is on the left side.

Well... After that I got to know a bit more about Shingles. It's also known as Herpes Zoster and it's caused by chicken pox virus in my body and it reactivates coz my immune system is low. Basically everyone who has chickenpox before are at risk of getting shingles. I can't get shingles from anyone nor can I spread shingles to anyone. However, I can spread to people who hasn't got chickenpox before (usually children) and they will get chickenpox rather than shingles.

I got shingles for more than a week. Doctor says it take 2 weeks to heal. :( On the 5th and 6th day, my rashes starts developing blisters. I tell you... the blisters are DAMN PAINFUL!!!! You know how's the pain like? If you google shingles, they will tell you that it's like needles piercing your body. For me, it was like someone pouring anticeptic on you open wound!!! It was DARN painful that I can't sleep the entire night and I sooo wanted to cry. :(

I went to see my family GP the next day and request for a stronger pain killer and also to double confirm if I've really gotten shingles. The doc told me that my current pain killer can't kill the pain coz shingles are actually attacking my nerve. The pain are from my nerve!!! So I had to take a medicine call Neurontin which will reduce my nerve pain and I found out that people who have fits takes this medicine too! Darn scary right??? Not only that, this medicine is damn expensive and it cost RM 4 each capsule. I am also on medication for 7 days and I have to take the medicine 5 times a day and that's like every 4 hours I has to swallow a huge tablet.

Well...CNY is so near...and I think I am finally getting better. The doc told me to stay home. So I am off work till next wednesday. Coz of Public Holiday and also I took one day leave on wednesday. If I've gotten the correct diagnosis since the first doctor, I wouldn't have suffer SO MUCH!!! :( :( I will not see that lousy doctor anymore!!! She could've killed me....I hate shingles!!!

Anyway...if any of you guys wants to know more about shingles, you can visit the site below.
Information on Shingles


  • Actually it is next to impossible to diagnose shingles until they began to form blisters thats what suck about them. To make it worse the anti-viral medication only works with-in the first 72 hours. Its the nature of shingles it has probably evolved to overcome modern medicine. Good thing its not lethal.

    By Anonymous Wil, at 7/12/07 5:27 PM  

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