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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

La Gourmet House @ The Curve

I've always like going to The Curve. I love the food that can be found there. As far as I can remember, La Gourmet House have been around The Curve for a very long time but I never got round trying it. So this time, I've decided to give it a try with my bf.

It was a windy day so we decided to sit outside. We can enjoy the wind and also enjoy the view. hahah... See everyone passing by with lots of purchases in their hands.

One thing that really caught my eye once I sat down was this. hmm... You can sit at your place, press the button to ask for the bill or water? I never got to try it, I am not sure it works though. haha... coz... all the waitresses was standing outside, I don't get a chance to try it. :p

Since I lost my receipt... I can't remember what I ate. But as you can see, what I had is actually sausages with mashed potato and some salad. It says in the menu that the sausages suppose to be cover in tomato sauce, for some reason mine came with mustard. hmm... Anyway, the sausages taste REALLY good. :D The mashed potato taste really good too. Personally I don't like mashed potato to be overly mashed till its creamy. I like it a bit dry and hard and I don't mind it with chunks of potato too!

The salad was really unique. Everything is sour. =_= I've never had salad like this before... but it didn't taste bad, it's unusual for me, but it taste quite nice.

My boyfriend ordered lamb pie. It looks more like lasagna than pie to me though. The pie taste excellent too! The top layer is nicely baked and inside there's loads of minced lamb. :) Smells good and nicely cooked.

The sauce for the pie came seperately. If you have the pie with the gravy, it taste even better! yummy!!!

The meal didn't come cheap though and it's not to say overly priced as well. Average each meal cost RM 20++ and not to forget 10% service charge and 5% govt tax. The food is good, I will definately go there again and try other food from their menu. :D



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