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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Food in Bangkok

Yes, it has been a long time since I've updated here... and I'm still not done with my Bangkok trip, which was more than 3 months ago... hehehe... but oh well, I shall head off to what most people would be most interested in.... FOOD...

Anyway, one of the places I love in Bangkok is MBK, which is a shopping complex which kind of reminds me of Sungai Wang Plaza. Bought 2 pairs of shoes, and would have bought more if the shops there accept credit card as we ran out of cash... *sobs*

There's a wide choices of places to eat while you're there too, and there's a food court right up on the 6th Floor, which was where we had our dinner on our second day after a long hot afternoon at the Grand Palace.

From corner left, clockwise: Pattai with prawns; some noodle dish; Vietnamese spring roll; another noodle dish

And while shopping (or more like getting lost wandering around aimlessly, asking people where's Siam Center) around Siam Square, me and ah ya stumbled into this restaurant called the Noodle House. As ah ya was hungry and I think it was waaay past lunch time, as usual we tend to lose track of time when shopping, she had noodles wrapped with omellete, but I just call it Pattaya Noodles as it reminds of Pattaya Rice.

As for me, I ordered a platter with various snacks like fried wantan, siew mai dim sum, spring rolls and potatoes covered in bread crumbs, which is actually coroquet...

For additional flavouring, you can add in sugar (yes, I'm not blind, it's sugar, not salt), dried chili flakes, preserved chilis or soya sauce. And it's all nicely provided in a cute tray!

As for drinks, I had an iced latte as I wasn't able to get a proper sleep during my trip, which was pretty sweet and if I say it's sweet, that means it's super sweet for people with normal taste buds! And ah ya had cold green tea, which was sweet too... nice...

Anyway, when I was there in Bangkok, I definitely tried their Mcdonalds there and I love their Fillet O Fish!! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! And their Samurai Pork Burger was absolutely delicious, it has a sweet sauce that reminds me of char siew and I'm getting hungry now just thinking of it... dang... must go have McDs breakfast tomorrow....

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