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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some Crazy Driver!

Now... I know that Malaysia tends to have the worse drivers around but this is probably the first time in my life I ever met the most ridiculous driver EVER!

It was Friday, I was heading towards Taman Megah to play badminton with my colleagues from home. For those who's quite familiar with Taman Tun (TTDI), there's a road the goes straight to 1 Utama from Sprint highway. On your right you'll probably see Pizza Hut and further down the road, you can see Shell and Petronas on your right.

There's 3 lanes (I think), the middle lane is to go straight or turn left which will lead you to Uptown, right lane go straight will lead u to 1 Utama. There's this left lane which you can turn into housing area. On the left lane, there's double line which means you can't cut into the middle lane just like that. Many people likes to cut in because after work, the road is quite jam.

Well, it's normal that most Malaysian's driver likes to cut lane. At that time my colleague was fetching me, then... here comes a Black color brand new looking Vios trying to force his car to the our lane. Like I said, it's double line. He's not suppose to cut in. My colleague didn't really like the idea of being cut in just like that he tries to move his car forward a little so that he will back out. In any normal situation, most driver will back out ... but NO... not this driver. He force his car through! And then... we heard some scratching sound. Meaning... my colleagues bumper got scratches and the same would go to the Vios.

Well, my colleague didn't really mind since his bumper is full of scratches already, he continue to drive on. BUT... never have we expect that this Vios driver was angry that his car got scratch demand that we stop the car at the road side and talk about it. =_=' Obviously, my colleague didn't care and continue to drive on. And guess what??? That black Vios didn't gave up and follow us at the back of the car all the way till Taman Megah traffic lights!!!

He kept flashing his car lights trying to indicate that we stop our car and negotiate. Negotiate what we dunno la. Clearly, my colleague's car is the victim and he's against the rules! We continue to ignore him until he reached the traffic lights, so happen it was red lights, he came down the car and bang on my colleague's car window! He told my colleague to wind down the window and he said "bincang bincang". My colleague didn't want to bincang, so he told him, "tak nak bincang, kita pergi repot polis" and he wind up his window.

That Vios guy continue to bang the window so hard I thought he was going to break the window. And then he tries to open my colleague's car door! Well, we were afraid something like this might happen, all the car door was locked. He continue to pull the door handle so hard that he broke it!!! And the chicken shit Vios driver probably freaked out and ran away back to his car. =_=

How stupid can the Vios driver gets??? I seriously wonder who's the victim here? What rights has he got to demand for a discussion when he's on the wrong?? Plus now he broke the car door? Well.. we've got the car plate number all written down. Can get him to jail anytime man... it's just up to my colleague. So guys...remember to lock your car door at all time, you will never know you meet someone crazy!


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