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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bloody Cheapskate!

I've been wanting to post this on the day itself when it happens but coz I was home too late. I can't believe this kinda cheapskate, idiotic, hamsap people exists in my company! It would be more appropriate if I use the canto words - "ha lao" (下流), "jin kak" (贱格), "mou chi" (无耻)!

If you've read the previous post you will probably know who I am talking about. It's mrc again. This time, he did thing which I personally think its unbelievable, unacceptable and unforgivable. Perhaps, I shall use bulletpoint form to explain.
  1. He has personally invited himself to my friend's farewell. (J) He's so unwelcomed in my company therefore he has to invite himself just to be there.

  2. He was dying to drink Chivas at Redbox and has previously boast that he can drink non-stop. My friend hate him for boasting about his alcohol level they have launch a mission to test his level. Conclusion: He is not a great drinker.

  3. The bill came...it was expensive because of the Chivas. J asked him to help pay first. He said he has no money. Then what about the card? His reply was..."Oh, that day burst already" Can you believe? Someone who has a gold card has burst his card so conveniently? Do you think gold card can be burst so easily for someone like him? Bloody cheapskate!

  4. All this while we know he likes our friend - J. This time, he has actually used the reason he was drunk and forcefully attempted to kiss J!!! Which he did, but coz J manage to move quickly, he only managed to kiss her forehead. But still!!! It's disgusting! The fact that you are forcefully being kissed by someone you hate!!! Best thing is he said he is drunk, when he isn't!!! J didn't whack him up coz she didn't want to ruin the party. I so wanted to slap him!

  5. Later all of us ignore him. He started to dim the lights, brighten the lights, dim, brighten, dim, brighten and he did this on and on, until I couldn't take it anymore! I took this piece of tissue (should've use my shoe! Damn~!) and throw at him. Then he went back to his seat.

  6. As revenge, J hid his handphone. He spent his whole night looking for his cheap handphone (no value now - Nokia 7250). He was so kan chiong over his bloody phone. K said: "Aiya... you 5k salary, just buy a new one". No...he continue looking for it until he get the redbox staff to find it for him. Obviously they found nothing. J threw the phone to one corner when he went toilet. He still couldn't find the phone until another colleague pretend to find it for him. He was so happy, but as he was in the lift leaving to his car. He said: "i want to sue Redbox! Ask them to find my phone they can't find!" Everyone ignores him. He's so unbelievable, can't you just appreciate that you found your phone???!!

  7. At the carpark, everyone accompany J to get her car. Since it was J last day, J gave everyone a hug except for MRC. He asked J in the carpark, "How come I didn't get a hug?" J: "Hug your head la!" A forced kiss is not enough???
Above are just all the incident that happens in Redbox. The next day at office, his bloody thick skin, he went to boast to another girl colleague of mine.

"Yesterday I manage to kiss a girl!!! hahaha!!!"

I really hope my boss WILL fire him soon!!! Such an animal!!! (禽兽)


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