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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bloody Loser!!!

It's about mrc again. If you are wondering who is he, read this ยป mrc

I really think he's such a loser. Anyway, we are planning to have this farewell party at Redbox. There was this so-called registration form we need to fill in. No one wants him to go, somehow, he found out and he invited himself to the party. =_='

Anyway, we had to pay deposit to Redbox @ The Curve to book the place. He always likes to stick to this particular colleague of mine (she's the one leaving), somehow or rather he found out my colleague is going to the curve, he then told her "I feel like going to The Curve for lunch".

The moment he sent that message, all of us sien tiao. We just want to go there and pay deposit and do not wish him to tag along. Anyway, my colleague being smart, told him "If you are going to The Curve, can you please help me pay deposit coz I won't be going". The moment she sent that message, not long after, I saw him leaving for lunch!! Such a loser!!

I also found out that he loooves to brag about his gold card. I wonder what so special with having a gold card? Everyone can own one if they want, the problem is if you can pay the bills after a big swipe. I would be more impressed if someone owns a Platinum coz that's by invitation only.

Recently, he just got screwed by my boss because he kept walking around the office as if he's very free! My boss do not like people looking very free so he questioned him "Are you very free?" He actually answer "ok ok la". My god!!! My boss was quite pissed and assigned him more mundane work to do. *sighs*


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