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Thursday, July 20, 2006

He's Gone!

The most annoying person in my company is gone! Together with 4 other people this month. Yup, 5 person left my company. One of them is mrc which I have all my reasons to celebrate about. :D

I am so glad he's gone. Well... he's suppose to be gone earlier however, his "superiors" wants him to finish up a documentation before he leave. Which I think he deserves because during his time in the company, I dare say he's contributed absolutely nothing except for being a complete asshole! Well, he's gone. And there are some who went for a farewell lunch with him. But definately not for me and Sylphiel. NO WAY!!! It will just ruin my appetite eating with him.

Previous month, there was a colleague who's been here almost since the company started left. Yup... he left. Boss was upset. As for me, I am actually very annoyed. He left a pile of shit for us and he just left!!! Now... the rest of us is going to have a piece of his shit. ARGH! It's just so irresponsible. There's a HUGE project which he's handling and he just left! I am very annoyed with him because he's the one who told us to hold it... work hard till the project is over. HIM..and him? what he did? He left! He make a mess out of the agreement, making promises to clients without thinking if we can deliver the stuff or not... and after that he just left! F**king irresponsible.

Well... Enough of ranting. Hopefully I will be the next person to leave...


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