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Friday, January 05, 2007

Fish n Co @ 1 Utama (Again!)

I was out shopping with Sylphiel, haven't seen her for a loong time. She's got new hairstyle and new hair color. hahaha... I shall not comment about it here. hahaha... Anyway, poor her, getting all stressed out at work.

Anyway, since she usually don't get anyone accompanying her to try out new food, this time around, I told her to choose a place to eat. So... we ended up at Fish n Co. Previously, Xell ate there too. Please refer to this post. She ate something else, but the best food in Fish n Co is definately their Seafood Platter.

It's not cheap of course, but you get a lot of variety of seafood. This has always been my favourite dish here. In fact... nearly all the time I go there, I'm having their seafood platter. Seafood Platter comes with loads of fried calamari, fish, 8 prawns, 8 mussels, rice and chips. This time I went, they gave 10 prawns and 6 mussels instead. lol... I remember coz I used to count.

The one we ordered is Seafood Platter for 2. It's so huge that usually it's enough to serve 3 person. There's also seafood platter for one. However, if you ordered for one person, you don't get mussels. The best dish in Seafood platter is their Fried Calamari. Yummy! But there were too much calamaris and chips. Sylphiel and I just couldn't finish our food :(

The meal cost RM 56.50 after tax. A bit pricey but it's definately worth the price!



  • Yup, their calamaris are great!! But don't fancy mussels, so can't order this dish with Xell as she'll only eat the shrimp and the fish......but then again....too much sea food gives me chest pain

    By Anonymous ah ya, at 17/1/07 8:54 PM  

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