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Friday, January 19, 2007

When Sinking ofJapan meets The Day After Tomorrow

Not so long ago, there was some weird dreams post like here, here and here. Hmm... Then after that my dreams seems to be normal until... recently...

Seems like my dream is getting more and more powderful. hahaha... This time it's Sinking of Japan meets The Day After Tomorrow. Sinking of Japan is one pretty new movie that just came out in Malaysia. I've watched the trailer a number of times.

This time around, I dreamt that I was in Japan. Suddenly the building starts to sink!!! hahah... Some very tall building just started to sink straight into the ground. I know Sinking of Japan has little to do with the building sinking into the ground la. But in my dream the building started to sink lor. Then... there's this freezing air starts flowing to our direction.

You know... just like The Day After Tomorrow lor... so obviously, I had to escape from the freeze right? Else I will be frozen in my dream. hahaha... I can't remember who I was escaping with. haha... and one of my friend manage to hijack a car and we sped off towards the opposite direction of the freezing area lor. Which is of course coming closer and closer. And I think the person who hijacked the car was J. hahahaha...

Anyway, I managed to esacape. I survived Tsunami, how can I now survive this right? hahaha... But... hmm... I can't remember how I woke up. :p


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